We Can’t Oppose Everything

We can’t oppose everything – well we could, and I know that we are ‘The Opposition’ but actually it’s important if we are to be a credible opposition that we actually don’t oppose things based on who brings them forward to the Commons – but actually oppose based on our beliefs and goals as a collective, a party and a […]

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Protect Your (Human) Rights – Sign Now!

Harriet Harman, Interim Leader of the Labour Party has today written a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron opposing the plans to scrap our cherished Human Rights Act – that protects your core fundamental rights, such as the right to life, fair trail, protection from torture, liberty and security. I’ve co-signed the letter that has been sent to David Cameron […]

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EU Referendum Starts To Backfire – S&P Downgrade UK Outlook

  Well I’ve always thought that the proposed EU Referendum would backfire – and if it hadn’t done already, it most certainly looks like it is doing so now. Now, Labour have recently decided to back the EU referendum – whatever the pros and cons (I personally don’t back an EU referendum), there’s no point in opposing the referendum in […]

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