Unemployment – Let’s Tackle the Causes, Not Alienate Jobseekers

Following on from the post yesterday regarding potential community work schemes that could be investigation – ideally by an independent committee – I have a strong belief that we need to strengthen work experience schemes for jobseekers that would like to gain further experience or new experience in an area that they are interested in working in. I am a […]

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Ending Workfare – aka State Mandated Slavery

Workfare is, unfortunately, anything but fair. Workfare is a catch-all used to describe government sanctioned schemes that require benefit claimants to do unpaid work in return for their benefits – in many cases unpaid work for profit-making, private sector companies. The Tories say that Workfare is not compulsory – the reason they give is that if benefit claimants do not […]

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Sajid Javid and the Tories Plan Draconian Strike Law Changes

The Tories are once again showing that no matter how much you say you are a party for “the hard working people of our country” that there actions show that they are anything but. Tory strike law proposals outlined immediately after winning their slim majority in Parliament are some of the most anti-worker proposals proposed for decades – and bearing in […]

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