Government Defeated In The Lords Over Tax Credits

The Government tonight has suffered a humiliating defeat of its flagship welfare reform policy as peers voted by 289 votes to 272 to delay tax credit changes until a full review and financial alternatives can be set up for the millions of tax credit claimants that were due to lose up to 10% of their income overnight in April 2016. […]

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Q: When Is An Extension To A Grammar School Not An Extension?

Answer: when it’s 10 miles away from the so called building it is allegedly extending. Now, the Grammar schools debate is a very toxic one – and this post isn’t about that debate – it’s more around the peculiar way that the Tories are unbelievably trying to spin this one. If I started telling someone about an extension on my house […]

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“But The Conservatives Said…”

A phrase that I’ve heard a lot recently, particularly surrounding the tax credit changes (and again particularly surround child tax credits) is a variation of the ‘But The Conservatives Said….’ sentence. But the Conservatives said that they wouldn’t cut my tax credits But the Conservatives told me I’d be better off under a Tory government But the Conservatives said they […]

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