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Petition for 2nd EU Referendum Tops 1 Million Signatures

The biggest con perpetrated by the political elite against the British people has just been completed. We’re going to leave the EU, crash the economy and still have freedom of movement and EU regulation – only now we’re going to have no say and pay more money to the privilege (or lack thereof). Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Daniel Hannan and the […]

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There’s not much that can be said, no words that seem powerful enough to describe the horrific homophobic & terrorist atrocity in Orlando this weekend. We all stand with you.  Thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families and all those affected by the indescribable attack on innocent people at Pulse nightclub. Hope over fear.  Love over hate. […]

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Religious fundamentalist homophobe appointed to DWP

The Prime Minister, in keeping with his total lack of judgement and moral compass, has appointed Stephen Crabb as Secretary of State for Work & Pensions – a gentleman who barely qualifies as human, let alone fit for office. Whilst ensuring that tax payers paid thousands of pounds for the new windows on his swanky flat (triple glazing is all […]

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The World According To Nicky Morgan

Every day in life you learn something new.  Some days you learn more than others. Special thanks to Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education for sharing little known facts with us on her appearance on this weeks BBC Question Time. I have to admit that, as a lowly person who went to a mere state comprehensive, rather than a […]

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Jeremy’s About To Rate All Our Hospitals

So, Jeremy Hunt, usually universally unpopular for this healthcare policies (which kinda sucks, with him having the job as health secretary), has announced his latest idea for the NHS. Thankfully, it’s not another top-down re-organisation – I think even he realised that the last one wasn’t that great in the end and I’m pretty sure Cameron will have jumped down […]

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George Osborne’s “Poll Tax Moment” Just Destroyed His Chance Of Being PM

In what’s now being described as his ‘poll tax moment’, George Osborne’s catastrophic defeat in the Lords (again) of his flagship welfare policy leaves many questioning whether he has damaged beyond hope all the aspirations he had to reaching the top job and walking into 10 Downing Street one day. Undoubtedly, the tax credit reform (or should we just call […]

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