EU Referendum Day Is Almost Upon Us

After months of campaigning, the day is finally going to arrive tomorrow.

Firstly, and most importantly, get out and vote!!  I don’t care who you are or how you’re going to vote (OK, well I care somewhat about how you’re going to vote!), the primary thing is that the democratic voice of the UK is heard and we should all take this opportunity with both hands.

Let’s use this once in a lifetime opportunity to guarantee our place in Europe, guarantee our prosperity as a nation, guarantee our place in the world, guarantee that we’re arguing about bananas rather than blowing each other to bits.

We’ve got a choice.  In a referendum.  An absolute demonstration of our democracy and sovereignty that we enjoy in the United Kingdom.

We’ve got everything to gain by staying in and everything to lose by leaving.

Are we willing to risk everything we’ve worked decades in achieving together over Vote Leave myths that could cost us, the working people, our jobs, our pensions, our future?

The EU isn’t perfect.  No one’s saying it is.  I mean, come on, the UK is hardly perfect either – we still have a House of Lords remember!  But lets stay, lets keep our influence, lets get the benefits we enjoy, spread benefits across the continent and the world beyond, lets push for reform, lets dare to dream bigger, better, faster and lets not let the lies of the Vote Leave campaign fool us into making the worst decisions of our lives.

I choose hope over hate.  I choose fact over fear.  And I choose co-operation over isolation.

That’s why tomorrow, I’ll be voting for the United Kingdom to remain a member of the European Union.  And I hope you will do to.

Britain Stronger in Europe

EU Referendum - Remain