Religious fundamentalist homophobe appointed to DWP

stephen-crabbThe Prime Minister, in keeping with his total lack of judgement and moral compass, has appointed Stephen Crabb as Secretary of State for Work & Pensions – a gentleman who barely qualifies as human, let alone fit for office.

Whilst ensuring that tax payers paid thousands of pounds for the new windows on his swanky flat (triple glazing is all the rage these days, apparently), he also voted for disabled people to lose their homes.

Such a scandal in the Tory Party has not been caused since David Cameron, in all his wisdom, appointed Maria Miller as Secretary of State for Women and Equalities – the person who believed that equality is something that the Great British people are not worthy or deserving of.

Unsurprisingly for a religious fundamentalist bigot, Stephen Crabb got his big break as a paid for intern through the Christian Action Research & Education (CARE) group.

This group believes that gay and bisexual people are ‘ill’ – ‘possessed by the devil’ if you like.  It also believes that gay and bisexual people are ‘sexually broken’ and require a ‘cure’.

He indeed has taken interns himself from this organisation.

He also voted for continuing legalised discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation.

Not content with persecuting one minority, Stephen Crabb also doesn’t like disabled people that much.  After all, if the government’s paying for care for disabled people, who in some cases, cannot get to the toilet, he can’t afford to claim for his goose feathered duvets or help his family buy a home by claiming tax breaks under parliamentary expenses funded by the tax payer.

In a truly bizarre move, disability charity Scope have applauded his appointment to the DWP for reasons known only to themselves.  It is clear from his attitudes and voting record that he will push more disabled people into poverty and hardship.

I would expect Scope, in due course, to feel it is prudent to issue a public apology.