Trade Union Bill – Reponse from David Nuttall MP

Following my recent letter to David Nuttall MP, I have received the following reply.

Of course, not satisfactory – I have sent him another letter which I wait upon his reply.

If his aims were satisfied by this bill, then I could maybe begin to understand a bit – but the aims he has stated are at total odds with the content of the Trade Union Bill in my opinion.


Dear Mr Smith,

Thank you for contacting me about the Trade Union Bill.

I recognise that trade unions are valuable institutions in British society and dedicated trade unionists have a strong history of working hard to represent their members, campaigning for improved safety at work and giving support to their members when it’s needed. I believe it is only fair, however, that the rights of unions are balanced with the rights of hardworking taxpayers who rely on key public services.

The aim of the Bill is to rebalance the interest of employers, employees and the public with the freedom of trade unions to strike. At present, it is the case that a small minority of union members can disrupt the lives of millions of commuters, parents, workers and employers at short notice and without clear support from the unions’ members. Because of the high impact on the normal life on a large group of people, I therefore believe it is completely sensible that such strikes only take place on the basis of a reasonable turnout and substantial vote in favour by those able to vote.

Rest assured, all measures included in the Bill will be debated and fully scrutinised by Parliament. Interested parties will also have plenty of opportunities to put their views forward.

Kind regards,

David Nuttall MP
House of Commons – London – SW1A 0AA