George Osborne’s “Poll Tax Moment” Just Destroyed His Chance Of Being PM

Poll TaxIn what’s now being described as his ‘poll tax moment’, George Osborne’s catastrophic defeat in the Lords (again) of his flagship welfare policy leaves many questioning whether he has damaged beyond hope all the aspirations he had to reaching the top job and walking into 10 Downing Street one day.

Undoubtedly, the tax credit reform (or should we just call it what it is – a near abolishment of said tax credits) is by far Osborne’s most ill conceived policy and ranks right up there with the most detested policies out of both Cameron Ministries.

This was just seen as another step on the austerity agenda by Conservative high command – but did they unwittingly step far above and beyond of not only what the public expected, but what the public could tolerate?

Osborne has promised to look again, saying he’ll press ahead, but that there needs to be transitional arrangements and other support as well as a more in depth review into how people will be affected by the changes.  Which in itself is a massive climb down from the views expressed yesterday:

The policy is the policy and that’s not changing

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