Q: When Is An Extension To A Grammar School Not An Extension?

Nicky MorganAnswer: when it’s 10 miles away from the so called building it is allegedly extending.

Now, the Grammar schools debate is a very toxic one – and this post isn’t about that debate – it’s more around the peculiar way that the Tories are unbelievably trying to spin this one.

If I started telling someone about an extension on my house they’d, quite rightly, presume that it was…. you know, next to my house (shock, horror!).

So to ‘extend’ a grammar school into a new town quite frankly beggars belief.  There may well have been some secret meetings to get this one off the ground – who knows, maybe one day we will?!  But undoubtedly there’s been some kind of behind the scenes deal or negotiation and then Cameron’s thrown Nicky Morgan right into the thick of it and told her to ‘spin it, ’till you win it’.

Does she really believe what she’s saying?  Of course not – the words that are coming out of her mouth to justify the ‘extension of this good school’ are total poppycock and she knows it.

Will this spur applications by other grammar schools?  Possibly – I mean they can always try to argue if it’s good for one why not for them?

Maybe this was a way of the Tories testing the waters how the public would feel if a new generation of grammar schools was proposed?

The answer from the electorate seems to be quite clear.  If Nicky Morgan keeps on going at this rate she’ll have somehow managed to make herself the most toxic asset in Education since….. Micheal Gove.