Corbyn Needs To Be Given A Chance

New Kind of PoliticsLook, I’ll be the first to admit that I was definitely not a Corbyn supporter in the leadership election (as you may already know!).  In fact, I was choosing every other candidate above Corbyn every time without exception.

But Corbyn won a landslide victory in the leadership election – and I and everyone else needs to respect the will of the party and it’s membership.  And for me, I don’t find this an issue – I find it easy to respect the decision of our democratic party and give the person who most people voted for the opportunity to show us why he is the future, of both the Labour Party and our country.

All this talk of trying to oust him is ludicrous at this stage – he’s not actually done anything wrong for a start and most importantly, if he was ousted now he’s hardly been given a fair chance to show us what his ‘new kind of politics’ really is.

In many ways, I’m quite excited (as well as apprehensive) to see the changes that a Corbyn Shadow Cabinet – and hopefully future government – will bring to the Labour Party.  I’m excited about the prospect of being able to show the country that an austerity agenda isn’t necessarily the only way to help the British economy fully recover.  I’m excited to see how Jeremy and John can show us all how they propose to have an anti-austerity agenda without massive increases in borrowing.

And do you know what?  From what I’ve seen over the past few weeks and months, I for one really want to give them the time to explain these ideas to us and to the country.  They’re, in undisputable ways, leading a new kind of politics.

Whoever though that Jim from Bury (for example!) might get his question put to David Cameron at PMQ’s?

Whoever thought they would see a Leader of the Opposition refuse to follow the governments instructions not to bring up a countries awful record on human rights at a state banquet just because they happen to be investing tens of billions in the UK?

Whoever thought we would see senior members of the Shadow Cabinet apologise for the mistakes they’ve made?

In fact, whoever thought we’d see a politician apologise full stop?

All this talk of ousting Corbyn is quite frankly absurd – and to think that another leadership election, at this current time, will do anything but return Jeremy Corbyn to power is complete pie in the sky.