“But The Conservatives Said…”

Conservative LogoA phrase that I’ve heard a lot recently, particularly surrounding the tax credit changes (and again particularly surround child tax credits) is a variation of the ‘But The Conservatives Said….’ sentence.

But the Conservatives said that they wouldn’t cut my tax credits

But the Conservatives told me I’d be better off under a Tory government

But the Conservatives said they were the new party of hard working people

And my personal favourite:

But they told me they were compassionate Conservatives

The Tories said a lot of things in the run up to the 2015 General Election.  And they’ve forgotten (read: disposed of) many of the various claims and promises they made in a desperate bid by David Cameron to stay in 10 Downing Street no matter what the cost.  After all, Cameron already knew at this point that he wasn’t interested in standing for election again in 2020 – so he has nothing to lose.

You’re angry with him?  He thinks ‘so what?’, now he’s got your vote there’s actually nothing you can do about it until 2020 – and by that time he assures us he will have retired to a tropical paradise sipping on a pina colada enjoying his millions in retirement.

Is it a surprise?  Well not really.  I mean many people think politicians talk out of their backside half the time anyway.  But for the Conservatives, they have a long, long, long track record of saying they will or won’t do certain things immediately prior to an election – followed by doing exactly what they said they wouldn’t do almost immediately after arriving in office.

Do I have sympathy for these people?  Yes I do – you’ve been duped by master con men and women.  Was it predictable – well I would have bet more that it would turn out this way than I would that they’d keep their promises.

If you’re saying, I work hard for the relatively small amount of money I get, I work long hours, I struggle to afford childcare and with the tax credit changes I will be plunged into poverty along with my significant other and my children then this does make me sad – and I pray as an opposition that the Labour Party can fight for you and your family.

But, if you are one of these people – I do have to ask one thing…

If the situation above sounds familiar (which it is up and down the country) why, oh why, oh why did you choose to vote for a party committed to helping out the elite at the expense of the poor, the workers, the disabled, single parents, a party committed to widening the gap between rich and poor, a party committed to only serve a small sector of society and turn your back on the party of organised labour, a party that supports the majority without penalising those at the top?  After all, success and social mobility are fantastic things – no matter your class or background.

I know it wasn’t that simple – that for some of you, you just didn’t trust the Labour Party but turning to the Conservative Party as the answer has always been in the past, and is at this current moment in time never been good for the working class, the so-called ‘hard-working people’ of Britain (is there any other type?!).  The Conservative Party have not been interested in social mobility or equality of opportunity.  The Conservative Party have not, are not and will never be more interested in our advancement as a nation, as a society, on the whole, from the richest to the poorest because to give the poorest a fair wage for the hours they work would mean that the big Tory donor CEO might only have to have a £10 million pay rise this year rather than a £15 million.

And we can’t be having that can we?

I’d appeal to the people of our fantastic country, lets not make the same mistake a third a time.