England – The Only Non-Progressive Country of the Home Nations

With barely six days to go before the Independent Living Fund is scrapped, Corrie stars tell us why they back the campaign to save the Independent Living Fund.

Someone once said:

“The test of a good society is you look after the elderly, the frail, the vulnerable, the poorest in our society and that test is even more important in difficult times when difficult decisions have to be taken than it is in, in better times”

That person, David Cameron, went on to become Prime Minister, who then led a Tory-Lib Dem coalition and now a Conservative majority government to ensure that the most vulnerable in our society pay for the worst excesses of a ruling elite.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have all pledged to support and keep the Independent Living Fund.

Getting dressed, going to the toilet, getting out of bed, leaving your home – all things that many of us take for granted – all things that are placed in jeopardy for 18,000 disabled people in the UK due a failed Conservative austerity program.