Unite Fires Warning Shot Over Labour

Unite The UnionWell there does get to be points when some Unions get a little bit annoyed at the Labour Party and vice versa.

In recent times, during the ‘Miliband’ era, it’s not been unusual for Unite in particular to clash with Labour.

There’s been a few spats since 2010 – most notable the candidate selection controversy in Falkirk in 2013.  Then there was the ‘if Labour don’t win in the 2015 General Election we’re setting up a new party’ threat and interspersed has been calls for Labour to go back to it’s roots and support the workers.

Len McClusky does have a point – Labour have, in some areas, become a bit too distant from the working men and women of our country – however the party is still by far and away the biggest champion of the workers and although some policies have been misguided, they ultimately do have good intentions as far as I’m concerned.

The latest warning shot across the bow from Unite, towards Labour, as reported in the media was that Unite were considering ending funding for the Labour party – with the Scottish branch reportedly considering reallocating their funding to the Scottish National Party (SNP).

This would obviously be something of a disaster for Labour as Unite is their biggest donor.

Quite quickly, Len McClusky came out and clarified that ending the historic affiliation and link with the Labour Party wasn’t and has never been on the table.  Simply that Unite were going to have discussions at their July conference surrounding how they continue to support the Labour Party.

Obviously, these are two very different things – for the time being at least, Len McClusky is saying that Unite’s affiliation with Labour is safe.

This is something that supporters of social justice and progressive politics will have been delighted to hear as they breathed a huge sigh of relief.  During a time when Tory austerity cuts have been bad and are only going to get worse now with the Liberal Democrats out of the picture, progressive parties and their supporters can ill afford to fracture the strong opposition to this style of old Thatcherite politics.