What the Coalition Did For ‘Hard-working People’

Coalition LogoThe coalition, and in particular, the Tories, told us consistently that the way out of poverty was to work (conveniently ignoring the Working Poor class that they have created).  They told us that their government was one that was going to look after and reward hard-working people.

So what was the record of the last Tory government on ‘Hard-working people’?

Here it is:

  • Overall wage growth – lowest level for 40 years.  
  • Real terms wage growth – lowest level since the 1870s.
  • Wage growth in real terms has been -£1,600 since David Cameron entered 10 Downing Street.
  • Prices have risen three times faster than wages.
  • The National Minimum Wage rises, throughout the lifetime of the last Parliament have been below inflation each year – meaning the basic value of the minimum wage has been eroded.

Now, I guess the argument could be that ‘we’re all in this together’ right?


In the 12 months to April 2013, bankers’ bonuses raised by a whopping 64.4% with more than £35 billion paid out to reward themselves for their hard work (for anyone that missed it, that would be crashing our economy).