Why the Fight Can and Will Go On

Labour PartyUnfortunately, Labour suffered a terrible defeat in the General Election today and a Conservative majority government has been returned by the will of the people.

It was a fantastic campaign, with high points and low points over the past 5 years whilst we have been in Opposition.

Although initially nervous, Ed Miliband turned out to be a great leader for the Labour Party.

I was proud to be a member of the party whilst he was our leader, proud that he put good old Labour values back at the heart of our campaign, proud that we fought a campaign on the foundation and basis of what is right, even if it wasn’t always possible.

The fight today isn’t over, it will continue whilst there is the will of people to effect change to make our society fairer.

In Opposition, we will once again fulfill our duty in holding the Conservative government to account.

We will continue to fight injustice wherever we see it, as we have always done.

We can, we should, and we will continue the fight to ensure that everyone has free access to healthcare, that no one is left behind, that everyone has the opportunity to succeed, that everyone has access to a top class education, that welfare is there for those who need it.

The need for fiscal constraint at the moment is understood but it has never, is not and will never be fair that the poorest and most vulnerable in our society bare the brunt of a global economic crisis that they did nothing to create.

Over the past century, we have faced many challenges, engaged in many battles, campaigned for change to bring about equality and fairness.

We have faced these before, we have succeed before and with the same will, grit and determination, we will now face them again.